A New Stand-Up Show . 2015

From July 1st, 2015 – September 2nd, 2015, I drew and designed one poster a week for Josh Fadem’s A New Stand-Up Show at Copper Still Bar in Koreatown. Each piece is functional as a promotional tool– and also as a personal practice.

As an artist, I am interested in my relationship to comedy, as it overwhelmed much of my youth: most notably, in Alabama circa 1990s, during my tenure as chaplain for our high school. Inspired by Christian Slater’s portrayal of a rebellious youth who “talked hard” in Pump Up The Volume, I “goofed off” hard: replacing bible verses with weird dancing, thus humorously removing church from state. As a result, I was threatened with censorship at pep rallies, drama unraveled, and my comedic aspirations folded.

However, a few months ago, comedy surprisingly came back into my life. Scott Aukerman saw me dancing weird at a wedding, and hired me to act on two episodes of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! It was as though someone had inadvertently acknowledged my performative past– this former version of myself.

The following posters for A New Stand-Up Show feel like a similar youthful return. Figurative drawing is not my forte, but yet, that is not the point. I drew each week, like a teenager sketches in her notebook (unabashedly crude) and psychic doodles circles over and over again (searching for a clear channel).

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