back to abstraction – 2016

“I think art, if it’s meaningful at all, is a conversation with other artists. You say something, they say something, you move back and forth.” – John Baldessari

Using Back to The Future as a universal landscape, this autobiographical narrative travels from my teenage bedroom— to the hospice where I worked in my twenties— to a bar after my father’s death— pausing every few minutes to work in the studio and unpack personal associations with the concept of abstraction, not just in relation to art history, but life itself. With a subtle nod to John Baldessari, this ten minute short combines quoted and clipped bites with originally built footage and text to express how art theory translates from museums to our everyday struggle with intimacy.

Dir. Matthew Quezada.

Prod. Steven.

Runtime: 10 min.



Just Passing Through at The Museum of Broken Relationships (Los Angeles)

Free Range Film Festival (MN)

Vidlings and Tapeheads (MI)

I Present Two at Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles).

Short Film Night at El Cid (Los Angeles).

Super Tight at Cinefamily (Los Angeles).

Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival (Los Angeles).

Women on the Verge at The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles).

Kitchen Table Gallery (Philly).



Honorable Mention – Vidlings and Tapeheads

Best Documentary Short – Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival



“Mouth” originally published at The RUMPUS



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